“I Barely Get Money From Home”: OOU 2nd Best Graduating Student with 4.88


Kazeem Adebola, OOU second best-graduate student, has revealed how he struggled to get financial aid from home during his studies.

Kazeem, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from OOU, said his parents were very proud of him.

He encouraged those who follow him to strive for excellence, but did not exclude the possibility of continuing his education abroad.

Kazeem Adebola
Kazeem Adebola

The second-best graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in Ago-Iwoye (Ogun State) has revealed his path to success, even though he faced financial difficulties. Kazeem Adebola was the top graduate in the Mechanical Engineering Department, achieving a 4.8 GPA. Adebola said his parents were “overjoyed” when he graduated, adding that they were barely able to provide him with financial support from home.

Kazeem: How I Survived in OOU as an undergraduate Student

“Being the second best-grading student out of more than 11,000 students who were convocated to join Ogun varsity”, he said.

Kazeem also said:

“I am very proud and enthusiastic about this accomplishment, as it has been a difficult process. Even my parents were surprised, as they did not anticipate me achieving this level of success”.

“The biggest obstacle I faced was money, as I do not receive any money from home or any family members. I have to pay my own house rent, school fees, and I also have to pay for my food and other expenses.”

“ I have managed to overcome these obstacles by not letting my school activities interfere with my business, and now I work as a Social Media Manager and an Ad Specialist for Facebook & Instagram”.

OOU’s second-best graduating student, Kazeem shares next move

Kazeem expressed his interest in combining his social media endeavors with his engineering career. He stated, “I want to continue my education and also acquire clients for my business. I want to effectively manage my engineering career and also my social media marketing endeavors.”

Will OOU second best-graduating student relocate?

The newly graduated student also advised the current undergraduate students to lower their self-esteem and ask for help from peers who are doing well. He said, “Don’t get caught up in the lingo ‘school na scam’ and don’t feel pressured by anyone who is doing better than you.” Instead, he said, “Get closer to the person who is doing well and also focus on improving yourself beyond what you were yesterday.”

Kazeem said that the ‘japa’ syndrome is a problem facing the country, but he doesn’t exclude the possibility of going to Europe or America. “I think about getting a full scholarship and going abroad,” he said.


You can stand out while combining work and study in Nigeria. Also don’t be carried away with the slang “school na scam”.

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