Harvard Female President Resigns Dues to Plagiarism Accusations


Despite her fondness for Harvard, the president was forced to step down due to accusations of plagiarism rooted in hatred and racism.

Claudine Gay, President of Harvard University, resigns amid plagiarism accusations and fallout from remarks about anti-Semitism on campus. “The decision to resign was not precipitous,” Gay wrote in her resignation letter. “I intended to complete my term of office at Harvard before resigning.”

She also said that after meeting with several of the co-sponsors, she came to the realization that resigning from the university is in the university’s best interest so that the university can address its current issues without focusing on one individual. “I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as President of Harvard University,” she said. “This is not an easy decision. It is with a great deal of sadness, but also a great love, that I announce my resignation.”

“This has been a difficult time for me, as I have been eager to work with you to continue the commitment to excellence that has made Harvard such a great university for so many years. After consulting with the Corporation, I have determined that my resignation is in Harvard’s best interest, allowing our community to face this extraordinary time with a greater focus on our institution than on me,” she wrote in part of her letter.

Gay went on to say that the past few weeks had been difficult for her because the work she had done to confront hate had been called into question. She went on to describe how frightening it is to be subjected to personal assaults and death threats, fueled by racial animus toward her character. Gay said that after resigning from the faculty, she would return to teaching and would continue to work with other faculty members and staff to create a better school community. “Now that I am returning to the faculty and scholarship and teaching that is the lifeblood of our institution, I promise to continue to work with you to create the community we deserve,” Gay said.









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