Financial Aid in the United States


The financial aid system in the United States can be confusing to navigate if you’re not living in the United State, but we’ve put together some helpful tips that can make the process much simpler in the future.

Your financial aid will come from the United Stated Government (which is rarely the case unless you’re a candidate for citizenship), or from the university you’re attending.

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Government Aid

It is difficult to get government aid for international students unless you are about to become United States citizen. For international students who want to apply for federal government financial aid, please visit the student aid international students FAQ page Here’s more about the aid you can and can’t get as an international student: In summary, it all depends on your immigration status and which visa you hold.

University Aid

Your university is where most of your college funding comes from if you’re an international student. That’s why many universities are willing to provide financial aid to international students. You can receive scholarships, grants, and loans from the university you’re applying to.

What are the most common factors that affect your university financial aid? Here are some common factors:

  • Your country of origin. Some colleges and universities offer scholarships to students from specific countries.
  • What is your financial requirement? How much money do you need to go to school?
  • Depending on your level of education, some universities will offer graduate-level assistantships and graduate-level internships. Eligibility will depend on your visa. Some international students will only be eligible for undergraduate scholarships and grants.
  • What activities did you take part in during secondary school? Did you take part in sports or other extracurricular activities? This could help you qualify for funding.
  • The degree you are aiming for. Some universities will offer scholarships to students who are aiming for specific degrees.
  • Your high school or college grades can be used to qualify you for financial aid from your university. Previous Education Grades.

When you apply as an international student to your university, you’ll be contacted by your financial aid office not too long after. They’ll help you with all the forms and documents you need to apply for funding.

You may also be eligible for scholarships.

If you have any questions or concerns about your international student financial aid, contact your financial aid office or international studies office at your university. They will be able to provide more information and help you with the paperwork and system.




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