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Felix Awonosua Anebo – One of the best Graduates with First Class Degree in Philosophy & Political Science from University of Ghana. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between university life, academics, and personal development.

Felix Awonosua Anebo is a Ghanaian graduate who has achieved a first class degree in a combination of philosophy and political science. He graduated from University of Ghana, January 2024. His success has attracted a lot of attention and curiosity.

According to Felix, a first class in Philosophy requires a lot of intellectual effort as it is based on the principles of logic and deduction.

In a video posted on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter by @Evans_Adjokatse, Felix stressed the importance of having a balanced student life. He said that being a “first-class student” doesn’t just mean being a good student; it also means engaging in more than just academics, but also having fun and growing as a person. He believes that by taking a holistic approach, students can grow into “well-rounded individuals” who can thrive in both the academic and professional worlds.

He said, “In order to fulfill all justice, think about other things besides academics. Learn, enjoy and get involved in other non-academic activities. That way, your life in university will be complete and you’ll be ready to enter the corporate world as a complete person.”

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