ASUU And Honouring Agreements


In years long gone via way of means, earlier than the time of written contracts, agreements have been sealed with organization handshakes due to the fact humans have been predicted to maintain their phrases.

Ruination awaited dishonorable folks who failed this take a look at integrity due to the fact humans preventeddoing commercial enterprise with humans of negative reputation.

Unfortunately, nowadays with signed contracts and written agreements, unconscionable legal professionalsautomatically guard folks who are responsible for failing to maintain their word.

Regrettably, authorities have joined the league of individuals who habitually don’t maintain their phrases. Budgets aren’t adhered to, contractors aren’t paid, and judgment money owed isn’t settled.

This dishonorable behavior is the crux of the failure to clear up the troubles surrounding the strike via way of means of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Undeniably, the continuing closure of the state’s universities is a vital problem as it compromises the potentialof our youths to extricate the state from the mess their elders have positioned the state in.

On February 4, 2022, ASUU began a caution strike to protest the federal authorities’ refusal to honor the 2009 accord which supposedly “compelled” them to make investments of N200 billion yearly withinside the collegegadget over the subsequent 5 years.

ASUU is worrying about the implementation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU settlement, which entails the discharge of the college revitalization price range, the launch of earned allowances for college professors, and the implementation of the UTAS fee platform for wages.

Rather than honor its obligations, the profligate management declares they lack the price range to fulfill the phrases of the settlement.

Indeed the Senate President went as some distance as pronouncing that the settlement must in no way had beensigned withinside the first place! Good governance includes coverage continuation, however in Nigeria, governance an increasing number of seem to be approximately backtracking and failing to honor spoken phrases or agreements!

In addition to habitually refusing to honor agreements, the crux of authorities’ failure to enhance the tertiary instructional gadget is their superficial expertise of what schooling includes.

They equate “schooling” with “schooling”, however, they aren’t the same. Schooling is set without a doubtattending classes, and ready to jot down and by skip examinations, whilst schooling entails each formal mannerof gaining information and casual assets along with mastering from peers, painting conditions, and existenceexperiences.

Even as universities are closed for schooling, their college students are being “educated” at the truth that authorities don’t regard their plight as a priority.

They also are being “educated” on their low employment possibilities because of the low price positioned on Nigerian ranges and the negative requirements of Nigerian universities.

They now apprehend why holders of excessive political workplace ship their youngsters to distant places and universities.

ASUU vehemently disputes the federal authorities’ declaration that they don’t have the price range to honor the settlement. They successfully factor out that it’s without a doubt a remember of priorities.

Indeed the quantity purportedly spent on the irrational school-feeding program and diverse opaque coins handout jamborees could have been greater beneficially spent addressing troubles in tertiary schooling.

Predictably the pleas via way of means of pinnacle authorities functionaries for ASUU to don’t forget the plight of the Nigerian college students and go back to magnificence are appeared insincere.

ASUU requested pointedly whilst precisely this management has ever proven itself inquisitive about the plight of Lecturers or college students.

The bad fallout from incessant ASUU moves is unquantifiable. Education is one of the elements that maximumaffects the development of peoples and societies.

The hyperlinks between schooling and growing society are robust seeing that each impacts every different.

A well-deliberate and well-done instructional gadget modifications society via way of means of enhancingand strengthening skills, values, communications, private prosperity, and freedom.

Education is the engine that drives the extent of improvement in a state via way of means of enriching cultures, enhancing requirements of social welfare, generating monetary growth, increasing opportunities, selling social mobility, and strengthening the guideline of thumb of law. Education will increase human dignity and strengthens sustainable improvement.

The government’s failure to comprehend the relative significance of schooling in countrywide improvementbecame articulated via way of means of the Senate President who pleaded with protesting college students now no longer to disrupt political activities.

This is the peak of insensitivity thinking that the quantity charged via way of means of his ruling birthday celebration on the market of presidential nomination bureaucracy is greater than a professor’s profits for existence, and the full quantity accrued is much less than the profits arrears being disputed via way of means ofASUU!

Indisputably, the state’s instructional gadget is in disarray in any respect ranges whilst this management givesno answers however concentrates on keeping power.

Finally moved to truly do something advantageous instead of without a doubt maintaining quiet, the President’s knee-jerk response became to relocate negotiations to Aso Rock.

It comes as no marvel that the assembly was attended via way of means Academic Staff of Universities (ASUU), Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU), Senior Staff affiliation of Nigeria Universities (SSANU), and the National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT), couldn’t clear up the troubles while the different educational body of workers unions imply their readiness to embark on indefinite strike action.

Truly, authorities have misplaced goodwill and unions do not accept as true that they’ve suitable intentions. Even though the Minister of State for Education rightfully apologized for the lingering strike, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment said, “Labour disputes are quite technical troubles and want applicable technical necessities and information to interrogate”. This route is sheer bunkum.

There is nothing “technical” approximately honoring agreements! The stalemate has arisen due to the factthere’s no incentive for ASUU to barter any new accord whilst over and over authorities prove they don’t have any goal of honoring such agreements.


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