Is Nigeria better than what it was 3 years ago? – Ex-oou students’ union president ask


A former Students’ Union President of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Comrade Oluwabunmi A. Michael took to his Twitter handle to ask a very huge question about our dear country Nigeria “Is Nigeria better than what it was in 3 years ago? “.

Micheal Olawunmi is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University (oou), he’s also the former students’ union government president and one of the best graduating political science students.

The former SUG president emphasizes the rapid increment of school fees in the country, which has led to dropouts and might also stop students from going further in their education. “School will be releasing new School fees, and you might be at home, What is the way forward?” He asked.

Oluwabunmi Micheal was baffled by his encounter with a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University who had nothing and still struggling to become a better person.

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Firstly, “3rd January 2020, it was a Friday afternoon, I was in the Vice Chancellor’s Office, we were deliberating on the new Academic Session and our plan to put things in place and work together as respective stakeholders, when I left his office,

I was heading to the Chief Security Officer’s Office to have another discussion, we met a lady there, she’s from Ibadan, she narrated that when she was leaving home, her parents gave her only #700 for transportation and feeding, the story was hard to believe, the CSO decided

To call the parents, behold, it was true, they said they gave her all they had in their household, adding that they borrowed to pay her school fees and they’ve not even paid their debt, that they gave her all that was left in the household” he said.

Furthermore, “This story moved many of us to tears. It’s not about the story, my curiosity is, Is The country better than what it was 3 years ago? And an increase in School fees this time around, How many people will not be able to afford to basic education?” he asked.

Also asked with so much concern, “How much more will Management increase this fee, and what plans are on the ground to cushion the effect of non-payment of school fees?”.

He talked about how he fault for extending the school fees deadline, “I know what my eyes saw for extension of deadline of school fees and how much crowdfunding I did for many students to Pay, increment of school fees”.

Lastly, the Ex-oou students’ union president said “Is not about announcing it alone. Both students and management are stakeholders in this system. If the Management has time increase school fees. The student must know and agree on how the effect won’t affect a decline in Student enrollment.

Or else, there might not be students anymore. People will just find a way to pay one school fee and start hustling for the next one”.

This question goes to all students, SUG and school management entirely. We all know Nigerian students are facing a lot with school schedules but the leaders of tomorrow are not getting the right care from the leaders of today.

Is Nigeria better than what it was 3 years ago and what is the way forward? Drop your comment.


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