Courage does not always roar



courage does not always roar,

Ask cancer patients about the value of life and what it looks to them,

before you trip your throat with a knife or end your life with a rope.

courage to encourage,

Be happy, stop being disappointed because life itself is one and is appointed, have a quality of confident character.

courage to encourage,

fuel up your passion,

whether you’re into any business career, because your daily efforts will one day bring big results,

If only you could build up your determined mind for a courage shield.

A day in the future, you will be a flashback, as when things were completely dark, yes! The storm is there only to make you strong.

courage to encourage,

Do one thing for yourself today, plant hope in your beautiful heart,

And never be afraid to start, no matter what challenges you beckoned on, it is there for you to be strong and realistic in life.

Courage does not always roar, be courageous and not a coward,

try to remember who you are and never forget the scars, never be afraid to start when you fall,

even when you fall use the courage to stand and pick something up.

be willing to lend a helping hand,be brave to be courageous in making things right in an appropriate way, be hopeful to be creative in your dreams.

courage to encourage, remember fear is a reaction and courage is a decision, take courage.

dream of being yourself in courage and determination, create courage to win big,have a courageous mindset and be strong to fight back any challenges you face in life.

courage is a tool for a great mind, courage helps the fighters to stand firm and be fearless to whatever they face, courage brings out the braveness in you, courage helps you to build more of you, courage makes you a mighty man, courage to encourage.

Credit @giftedpen_poetry

Originally posted 2022-07-02 15:05:17.

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