AUCHIPOLY: List of Courses Offered in Auchi polytechnic 2024


We’ve gathered the sanctioned list of courses and departments that are available in the entire Auchi polytechnic(AUCHIPOLY).

So principally, we have made it veritably readily for you to fluently view the subject combination and study conditions that you need to get into any of the listed courses offered in AUCHIPOLY.

To get right into it, just click on your named course from below and all the details about the course will be handed to you;

Courses / Departments in AUCHIPOLY
* Accountancy
* Accounting
* Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering / Technology
* Agricultural Engineering / Technology
* Agricultural Technology
* Architectural Technology
* Banking and Finance
* Building Technology
* Business Administration
* Business Administration and Management
* Business Education
* Chemical Engineering Technology
* Civil Engineering
* Civil Engineering Technology
* Computer Science
* Education and Biology
* Education and Chemistry
* Education and Computer Science
* Education and Integrated Science
* Education and Physics
* Electrical / Electronic Engineering
* Estate Management
* Estate Mangement And Valuation
* Fashion Design And Clothing Technology
* Glass / Ceramics Technology
* Hospitality Management
* Marketing
* Mass Communication
* Mechanical Engineering Technology
* Office Technology And Management
* Polymer Technology
* Quantity Surveying
* Science Laboratory Technology
* Statistics
* Statistics
* Surveying and Geo-Informatics
* Urban and Regional Planning
* Arts and Industrial Design
* Photography
* Mineral And Petroleum Resources Engineering Technology
* Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology


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